A helping, healing hand.


Meet Andrew

Andrew Claypool was born into the world prepared to serve. Raised within a strong and resilient matriarchy, Andrew has been guided along the path of service, sacrifice, strength, and flowers. Finding stillness, balance, and harmony upon ever-shifting sands is a practice which both propels and inspires Andrew's approach to work and life. Healing massage, delicate and hearty gardening, sculpting and recreating life with wood, curious and playful photography, or creating joy alongside his wife and children, Andrew imbues his work with love, affection, attention, and care.


Meet Savannah

Savannah believes that massage is so much more than making bodies feel better. It's definitely a holistic practice. Savannah has always been an incredibly passionate, empathetic and open hearted individual. She has faced great adversity in her life and has never let that stop her or hold her back from her goals and dreams. Savannah believes very deeply that helping others find healing is her greatest calling and works diligiently to hold space that allows optimal growth for those whom she connects with. 

Creating The Rose 

The Rose was conceived during a period of great transition. Both personally, and globally, the path of The Rose represents opportunity to pause, reflect, and honor ourselves by honoring our ancestors, and the Spirit of all things. Deeply inspired by the Way of Shinto, and ancient form of Japanese worship, Andrew seeks to share his practice of living in a Good Way with his clients. The Rose - as a flower - symbolizes integrity, loyalty, perseverance, and compassion; core values instilled within Andrew by his foremothers. For Andrew, The Rose - as a business - provides his clients and community and sense of place, purpose, and support. To heal the body and the heart, to receive inspiration, to ask questions, and connect with the essence of all life.